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Reflexology  (60min/$80)

This a for sure "Must Book"  experience! By working the flex points of the feet and hands, this service helps to normalize body functioning, assist with breaking down tension/ alleviate stress, all while encouraging the natural healing of the body to work more speedily and efficiently.  Also out of this world Relaxing!!

Custom Massage  (30min/$50 (45min/$60 (60min/$80) (90min/$100)

This massage can be a combination of Relaxation, Stretching, Integrative Deep Tissue and other modalities I have learned over the years, to work toward the goals discussed.  Whether you are looking to Relax or work out tight muscles and/or possible injuries, this Experience will leave you feeling blissed out!

Thai Yoga for the Table (90min/$105)

Client wears comfortable clothing, so that I am able to move them comfortably.  Passive stretching and compression are used; the only thing the client has to do is breathe, which inturn allows the muscles to relax more deeply.  This massage is good for athletes and EVERYONE!  Feels Amazing!

Pre-natal Massage (60min/$80) 

Benefits can be and not limited to: Lowered anxiety, decreased back and leg pain, improved sleep and decreased levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine. (Pregnancy Massage)

Lymph Drainage Massage (90min/$100)

A gentle, relaxing massage that helps the body's lymphatic system get moving again while reinforcing immune function.  On a year-round basis, this is a good treatment for edema/swelling, any kind of inflammation, or a recent injury and is really helpful with sinus conditions and changing of the seasons.

Oncology Massage (60min/$80) (90min/$100)

Providing, relaxation, comfort, stress reduction and increased quality of life.  Benefits: Minimize side effects of chemotherapy and radiation; Boost immune system, elevate T-cells; And it just feels good!  It's not always about massage when it comes to those dealing or having dealt with cancer, sometimes all a person needs is a comforting touch.  And just feels good!

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