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Reflexology  (60min/$75)

 This a for sure "Must Book"  experience! I working the flex points of the feet and hands, this service helps to normalize body functioning, assist with breaking down tension/ alleviate stress, all while encouraging the natural healing of the body to work more speedily and efficiently.  Also out of this world Relaxing!!


Custom Massage (60min/$75) (90min/$95)

I take great pride in making sure each client is treated specific for their individual goals, concerns and ailments.  This massage can be a combination of Relaxation, Stretching, Integrative Deep Tissue and other modalities I have learned over the years, to work toward the goals discussed between myself and the one receiving the massage.  Other descriptions of what are possible modalities I might use and why:(Use of long strokes, kneading, and circular movements on superficial layers of muscle.  Can be very gentle and relaxing.  Also can target, the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, using slower strokes and/or friction across the grain of the muscle.  The deeper massage is most used for chronically tight or painful muscles, repetitive strain, postural problems, or recovery from injury.)  I used good communication throughout, to "check-in" with where my pressure is at with the client.

All in all, a great massage to start with if you are new to Massage Therapy.

Hot Stone Massage (90min/$105)

Heated, smooth stones are used in conjunction with the massage, to warm and loosen tight muscles; the heat allows for deeper massage.  This service is quite comforting and euphoric!

Thai Yoga for the Table (90min/$95)

Client wears comfortable, loose fitting clothing.  Passive stretching and compression is used; the only thing the client has to do is breathe, which inturn allows the muscles to relax more deeply.  This massage is good for athletes and pretty much anyone!

Lymph Drainage Massage (90min/$95)

A gentle, relaxing massage that helps the body's lymphatic system get moving again while reinforcing immune function.  On a year-round basis, this is a good treatment for edema/swelling, any kind of inflammation, or a recent injury and is really helpful with sinus conditions and changing of the seasons.

Oncology Massage (60min/$75) (90min/$95)

Providing, relaxation, comfort, stress reduction and increased quality of life.  Benefits: Minimize side effects of chemotherapy and radiation; Boost immune system, elevate T-cells; And it just feels good!  It's not always about massage when it comes to those dealing or having dealt with cancer, sometimes all a person needs is a comforting touch.

Prenatal Massage (60min/$75) (90min/$95)

Benefits can be and not limited to: Lowered anxiety, decreased back and leg pain, improved sleep and decreased levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine. (Pregnancy Massage)

Reiki (75min/$75)

Reiki is an energy heaing treatment that works holistically; on the whole body, mind, spirit.  Healing energy is transmitted through the hands of the Reiki Practitioner (acting as a conduit) to the body of the recipient.  The purpose of this treatment is to relieve stress and pain, induce relaxation, release emotional blockages, accelerate natural healing, balance subtle body energies and support othe modalities.

Reiki w/ 7 Card Chakra Reading (90min/$95) 

Reiki is an energy heaing treatment that works holistically; on the whole body, mind, spirit.  Reiki in conjunction with a 7 Card Chakra Reading will bring more awareness and enlightenment to the recipient.  

Intuitive~Mediumship Readings (60min/$75)

Working with my Intuition and messages from Ascending Masters, a reading provides a great information about who you are as a spirit and your path in this lifetime.  Blocks to your growth can be illuminated.  When you have clarity you can change your challenges into opportunities.  When you have validation for who you are and what you are creating and learning in your life, healing can occur.  In a reading I can focus on a specific question you might have, or just a general read.  I also do healing as needed.  I believe your future changes and grows aas you do, and for this reason I do little predicting of the future, preferring to work with you on your present path.  A reading takes about an hour.  It's a truly healing experience.







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