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Why Yoga? and Its Benefits

Your journey with Yoga: not only are you strengthening your body with the practice of yoga but you also are strengthening your mind and spirit.  This process will then allow you to start to gently open up and relax into your true self...your authentic self. 

Hatha Yoga has fallen gently in sync with everything I do.  Through all my modalities I am able to make myself better so I can be better to those in my life and better help my clients in their lives! 

Benefits of Practicing Yoga:

~ Increases flexibility, strength and joint range of motion

~ Benefits immune system

~ Massages all organs of the body

~ Lung capacity often improves and the level of oxygen to the brain is increased which then increases concentration and improves mood

~ Lowers blood pressure and slows heart rate

~ Decreases stress, anxiety and depression

~ Helps to promote deeper, more restful sleep

~ Improves brain function

~ Improves balance, coordination and dexterity

~ Helps to normalize weight

~ Some even say it can slow down the aging process

~ Can be cardiovascular, strength increases endurance and flexibility, covering all areas of physical fitness

~ Sharpens the mind, calms the mind

~ Improves concentration

~ Feeds the soul, connects mind, body and spirit

~ Helps you find peace of mine

~ Plus so much more!

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